Paediatric Osteopathy

Laetitia Mauny, Pediatric Osteopathy baby @ The Whole Care in Toronto - Upper Beaches

Will osteopathy be beneficial for your newborn baby?

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner consider the birth from the baby’s point of view.

Every baby’s birth is unique, whether very rapid, long and drawn out, or a Caesarean birth.
In any delivery the baby may have been squashed or twisted in different ways. It may have impacted your baby.

Osteopathy can help your baby!

In the first few days the most common difficulties are with:
– Feeding
– Digestive difficulties
– Sleep
– Crying
– Baby’s head shape
– Head tilted one way and can’t move freely

A baby who is unsettled or struggling to feed might be uncomfortable from the effects of birth. A baby with a preference for breastfeeding on one side may be finding it difficult to turn his or her head freely to both sides.

What happen when you bring your baby at The Whole Care?

The practitioner’s interest is in every aspect of the health of your baby, and will begin the consultation by taking a detailed case history. This can include questions about the pregnancy and labour as well as information about accidents, infections, and development.

The the practitioner will do a a comprehensive physical assessment, which includes testing out all the joints in the body for your newborn range of movement. It may also include testing certain neurological reflexes, as well as often quietly feeling the body tissues for distortion or altered tensions in any part of their body.

The practitioner will feel and release strains and tension even in the youngest babies. In assessing your newborn baby, the practitioner checks for asymmetry or tension in the pelvis, spine and head, and ensures that a good breathing pattern is established.

In a research study conducted by Clive Hayden into the effect of cranial osteopathic treatment on babies, some parents perceived the following changes in their children’s behaviour:
– Reduced colicky crying
– Improved sleep
– Less unsettled irritable behaviour
– Increased quiet, happy spells.

Osteopathic treatment of babies is very gentle and is safe for the smallest of babies. They often happily play with toys or interact with the practitioner/parents during treatment.

It is never too early to treat!

Please contact us at info@thewholecare.com if you wish to discuss your baby before booking an appointment or visit our FAQ about osteopathy